Customizable Wire Spool Holder Box / Dispenser

<div><p>A customizable box with spools for wires, and doors/lids with holes for dispensing the wires. Very convenient for electronics hobbyists. </p> <p>If you are looking for colored wires, I recommend these: <a rel="ugc nofollow" href=""></a></p> <p>You can customize everything from the number of spools and rows, to the diameter of the wires and the sizes of the spools etc.</p> <p>Could also be customized to hold different kinds of wires or chains or anything that fits on a spool and needs dispensing.</p> <p>Parts print without support. The two halves of the spools benefit from some glue to keep them together.</p> <p>If you have any questions or comments please leave me a message.</p></div>

model_generated_screenshot.png 0cca99237066a726f772cd6cc5484caa_preview_featured.JPG 1a5b2346aac03eb6e8ffb498e864a032_preview_featured.jpg 0d628f9805e97623c89c9d7ad1ac3db5_preview_featured.jpg 437750f67cefbec7702a75c61c8ca23e_preview_featured.jpg 1db48dc3d95da777b68977a592c2915a_preview_featured.jpg 3c683be959edaeb0b2be27aa4418f798_preview_featured.jpg 46b533ddb9ee3b640488e483faf9b2d0_preview_featured.jpg img_1519.jpg assembly.jpg box2x5.png door5.png rod5.png model_generated_screenshot.png office electronics tools