Snowflake TIE Fighter

Snowflake Themed Star Wars TIE Fighter Kit Card can also be used as a Christmas Tree ornament. Hollow or solid wings available to suit your preference. Also contains a version with a ring for hanging and without the ring. A filament swap can be done around 2.4mm up to add some detail to the cards. Check your slicer for the proper swap height. Individual parts are included so you can print the model without the sprue to save plastic if desired. Parts are now labeled with the letter from the instructions. A pdf of instructions is included to print and hand out with the cards if they are given as gifts or stocking stuffers. Good bed adhesion is a must for the details to print properly. Cards in the photos were printed on the Prusa Mini Plus with a little glue stick for extra stick. Z height may be adjusted slightly up or down if parts are too tight or too loose from your printer. NOTES: Cards marked as "easy" are for people struggling with bed adhesion. They have all solid bottoms with no disconnected parts. The wings and the cockpit won't have any snowflake details on one side, but hopefully it will print.

snowflaketiefighter_01.webp card_hollowwing_normal_preview.webp sftfornament_1.webp 20211207_070223.webp sftfornament_4.webp sftfornament_5.webp sftfornament_6.webp sftfornament_7.webp sftfornament_2.webp sftfornament_3.webp kitcards.webp solidtie03.webp solidtie02.webp solidtie01.webp snowflaketiefighter_01.webp model_generated_screenshot.png toys