Smartphone Holder for car

This is the new design of my previous thing ( ). This model works with many different smartphones of different sizes. You do need a small rubber band. Make sure to choose a good rubber band with a good amount of force. Replace the rubber band every couple of months. Rubber bands become brittle after a while! You can use in the horizontal and vertical direction. With some practice, the smartphone holder can by used one handed. Recommended to print in ABS to prevent loosing clamping force (especially during hot weather or when radiator is on). update: added a more wide version for thicker phones update 03/02/2021 added extra smartphone holder with the connector rotated 90 degrees

c29e4514-8635-4840-8241-9f6e13c37f54.png e1e2211cb714d1d699b322af7dcd0252_preview_featured.jpg 76e7cccac1c0575d80a7c9fff36966e5_preview_featured.jpg featured_preview_clamp_new.jpg 0f99776a27590c81525ce69548228fd3_preview_featured.jpg ccaeeb7a7bdf338cd2311d3cc3fb5f29_preview_featured.JPG 848cf45ba5457adace7ef1572ae45f15_preview_featured.JPG a5ee26bb9bbc95ab4a830bf27107f980_preview_featured.JPG smartphone_holder_part1.png smartphone_holder_part1_rotated90.png smartphone_holder_part2.png smartphone_holder_RevisonNr3.png smartphone_holder_RevisonNr3_wide.png model_generated_screenshot.png 829fda31-4094-4eda-91fa-4eb2291eb441.png electronics gadgets