Screw Cap all-purpose Containers

<div><p>First, I really hope you like the design and find it useful. If you feel like tipping PLEASE donate to <b>UKRAINE (or any other people in need)</b>. There is a cold winter ahead and these people will need any help they can get! THANKS!! </p> <p>A set of simple, ultra-stylish, flat, all-purpose containers with screw caps for storing ... (fill in your favorite item) in your workshop (e.g. small electronic parts), bathroom (e.g. pill box), kitchen, living room, garage... </p> <p>Comes in 3 sizes and 1-4 compartments (sizes are outer diameter x height including lid):</p> <ul><li>150 x 15 mm (5.9 x 0.6") <ul><li>with a single compartment</li> <li>with 2 - 4 compartments</li> </ul></li> <li>120 x 15 mm (4.7 x 0.6")</li> <li>80 x 15 mm (3.1 x 0.6")</li> </ul><p><b>FILAMENT</b></p> <ul><li>You've guessed it (at least if you have seen my other designs), I print the bodies using a <a rel="nofollow" href="">cheap and incredibly easy to print Carbon Fiber PLA </a>, which gives this beautiful soft touch and semi-gloss shine,</li> <li>and the lids in <a rel="nofollow" href="">Silk Silver, Bronze, and Copper</a>.</li> </ul><p><b>PRINTING</b><br> Printing is super easy. Print at 0.2+ resolution and with 30%+ infill. No supports or build plate adhesion needed. Tip: Set "Bottom Pattern Initial Layer" in your slicer to "Concentric" - this gives a beautiful finish to the top layer of the lid.</p> <h3>HOPE YOU LIKE THEM, AND IF YOU LIKE THEM, PLEASE LIKE THEM. THANKS!</h3> <h3>Enjoy and happy printing!</h3></div>

featured_preview_2bb6c538-ba67-4572-94f9-3704c8e43569.jpg featured_preview_d0428c88-bf47-4a05-9ba5-8c17cf5702e7.png featured_preview_6d3d318d-32b4-49c8-aaf0-356d29c03185.jpg featured_preview_95c3cf8f-1760-46a0-803c-0011e938dfad.png featured_preview_3fca5b77-6b4b-4ae9-99c4-1f65437a9e8d.png featured_preview_4a8fb029-fea6-4d97-8fa2-e37a341747ba.png featured_preview_cc9247fc-a009-41dd-a32a-fcccb06c1836.png featured_preview_c4cdef50-45e8-4183-9393-f5e2fc4d6260.png featured_preview_92a0e5e1-2237-460d-8d6f-d2d48ddae006.png featured_preview_04b9d8cd-c8e6-4f45-a803-940abfb1ca03.png featured_preview_70e490e6-10c5-4356-a0aa-935c8acc842b.png featured_preview_8a93baf2-ac73-45f5-bf61-dac362e8aade.png dose_flach_02.jpg dose_flach_03.jpg cont_flat_150x15mm-lid.png cont_flat_80x15mm-body.png model_generated_screenshot.png home office