Power Tool / Drill Wall Mount

Just a simple and easy to print wall mount for drills / power tools. The main goal was to have a wall mount that fits pretty much any tool size or brand and which allows for storing tools without having to remove the drill bits. Print with min. 30% infill at 0.2 mm (or 0.28 mm). You want your print to be strong, so print in ABS, PETG or Carbon PLA. The ones in the images are printed with Carbon PLA, which I have been using for a long time. Looks really good (carbon PLA gives this soft, shiny touch to all surfaces), is cheap and is easy to print: Carbon PLA 1.75 mm Attach directly to the wall, pegboard or to a plain wooden board. All you need is 2 screws (approx. M5). Make sure to have a drill bit holder attached that will not drop the bit (e.g. magnetic).

Render.png 1.jpg model_generated_screenshot.png tools