Cat Stretch Voronoi Remix

This is a remix of Cat Stretch by billyd. I used Meshmixer to reduce the mesh and create a voronoi pattern. I scaled it to 125% and printed it like that. If you would like to donate, please do it to the author of the original model as he created this statue, I just remixed it. Print Settings Resolution: 0.2mm Notes: It's best printed with a raft and add manual supports to only to the parts close to the bed (if your slicer supports it). Post-Printing ============= Unfortunately, you will have to do a little bit of clean up at the undersides of the overhangs. Category: Sculptures

img_20190219_101646_173740.webp catstretch_voronoi_preview.webp 9245e63b864b0249680488f9f92f1154_display_large_17.webp model_generated_screenshot.png toys art