Shelf Bracket for Removable Shelves

<div><p>Nice looking and strong shelf brackets for installing removable shelves between two walls. You need to print 2 of each version (A and B) for one shelf. </p> <p>The holes for the screws going into the walls are 4 mm in diameter (0.16 inch).</p> <p>Note that these brackets are for mounting shelves between two walls, not on a single wall. The shelves do not need to be screwed onto the brackets and can therefore be lifted off easily.</p> <p>For any questions or requests, please leave a message, and happy printing!</p> <p>NOTE: I removed a portion of the part where the shelf rests to make it look better (it wasn't neccesary), this is not reflected in my photos.</p> <p>Need something stronger than plastic to support your shelves? Get cheap metal supports here! <a rel="ugc nofollow" href=""></a></p></div>

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