Low-Poly Charmander

<div> <p>Designing a low-poly Pokemon is the best way I found to represent the poor graphic quality the first Pokemon games had. So, here I present you the low-poly Charmander, which is part of the Low-Poly project I'm developing.<br> 3D printers allow to make real the idea of catching all Pokemon, and I'm currently working to make all the Pokemon I can. You can check the collection in the following page: </p> <p><a rel="nofollow" href="/FLOWALISTIK/collections/low-poly-pokemon">http://www.thingiverse.com/FLOWALISTIK/collections/low-poly-pokemon</a> </p> <p>This model is 5cm tall approximately. The model from the picture was printed with a Prusa i3, 0.2mm layer height, 0.5mm nozzle, 45mm/s speed and a cooling fan (I really recommend this!). The material is 3mm high quality PLA. </p> <p>It was designed so it doesn't need support material, although each printer is different and it may be more difficult to print it depending on the settings. </p> <p>// This design is based on Pokemon</p></div>

charm.jpg charmander_low_poly_pokemon_flowalistik_preview_featured.jpg charmander_starter_1gen_flowalistik_preview_featured.jpg model_generated_screenshot.png toys