Hex Shank Bit Holder - Parametric

<div><h1>Hex Shank Bits Holder</h1> <p>This is a remix of the hex bit holder by TBRIshtar :<br><a rel="ugc nofollow" href="/thing:241501">http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:241501</a> - thanks TBRIshtar!</p> <p><strong>Update 2018/05/07</strong> Added new options under the advanced menu to:</p> <ul><li>Modify the spacing between row and column holes</li> <li>Select between hex or round holes</li> <li>Set the amount of space from the hole edges to the holder edges - can be set individually for row and column edges which allows for either or both side holes to be cut "open" on the edges.</li> <li>Set the hole diameter</li> <li>Set the corner fillet radius</li> </ul><p><strong>Update 2017/10/31</strong> This thing is now customizable using the Thingiverse customizer. </p> <p>This remix mimics the original as close as possible but has the following<br> features:</p> <ul><li>Almost fully parametric</li> <li>Any number of rows and columns, still keeping the edge rows open on the<br> sides. This is nice if the hex shank has the bit size stamped on it.</li> <li>Footer height can be adjusted</li> <li>Wall height can be adjusted</li> <li>Allows easy scaling in the X and Y directions if your printer causes<br> the hex holes to be too tight, like mine does.</li> </ul><p>I use the OpenSCAD fillets lib <a rel="ugc nofollow" href="https://github.com/jfhbrook/openscad-fillets">https://github.com/jfhbrook/openscad-fillets</a><br> by jhfbrook for filleting the edges - Thanks jhfbrook!</p> <p>The <code>Holder()</code> module takes all dimensional parameters as arguments, so can<br> easily be used from other SCAD files.</p> <p>The original size of the holder by TBRIshtar are the defaults, but simply<br> override any dimensions you want in subsequent variables of the same name, or<br> change the originals.</p> <p>Another quick way to generate STLs for any size is from the command line:</p> <pre><code class="language-bash">$ openscad -o output.stl -Dcolumns=7 -Dfoot=3 -D scl=1 bitHolder.scad</code></pre> <p><strong>Note</strong> when using the command line you must supply the <code>scl</code> variable if you<br> do not want any scaling. This is because the file overrides the default scale<br> from 1.0 to a scaling I use on my printer. The same goes for <code>height</code> and<br><code>foot</code>.</p> <p>On Github: <a rel="ugc nofollow" href="https://github.com/fitzterra/3DP/tree/master/Things/Tools/Hex_Shank_Drill_Bit_Holder">https://github.com/fitzterra/3DP/tree/master/Things/Tools/Hex_Shank_Drill_Bit_Holder</a></p></div>

47f3c7cb3a80f83934e2494ef635e78a_preview_featured.jpg 118c7b0259db19a47fa78a934291329b_preview_featured.jpg e5e07f61823ba0573fc8b845b2670866_preview_featured.jpg 8790c4d662670f61c46cbcd25be23476_preview_featured.jpg 753ab67dd53d6aa5b25314dbbff20fc8_preview_featured.jpg 0e69a7f34993e33e27303463289ee35f_preview_featured.jpg 8cd456c758f2d936507f8c2a0d3ea8e7_preview_featured.jpg model_generated_screenshot.png tools