Basic enclosure corners

Some basic enclosure corners for 4mm acrylic or polycarbonate sheet enclosure. Enclosure top corners are printed in two pieces for easier roof detaching without need for disassembling whole enclosure. Bottom pieces leave small gap under walls for cables and ventilation. Some notes about my project: For ender 3 S1 (pro) I used enclosure size around 600mm for horisontal and 550mm for vertical direction. With default handle or webcam attached to bed I recommend that you leave more room in Y axis direction. Bed's cable will take suprisingly much room because how stiff it is. Too little room may cause problems when using printer. Additional things that I used when building my enclosure: -4mm PMMA (acrylic) sheets. -aluminium profile 90 degree angles to seal open edges. -aluminium profile 3pcs of size 3x25mm for supporting roof. -generic small door hinges. -some magnets that hold doors closed. -4x15mm bolts for hinges. -4x20mm bolts for corners. -ventilation and fume filtering system.

Screenshot 2022-12-12 at 3.16.30 PM.png featured_preview_d0179335-0055-4a3c-b766-54de9be61805.png featured_preview_897b12f1-53fb-4a22-94ca-cd27c352a845.jpg featured_preview_ae27aa36-cec7-4dd4-846c-75aa7b3e44d1.jpg 20221021_132136.jpg model_generated_screenshot.png office tools